i am obsessed

with baking. this morning i rolled out of bed and could think about nothing but baking.

i'm starting out with the easy stuff, so i just finished making buttermilk biscuits. i seem to have anxiety with these types of dough where it's "mix until just combin
ed". i am always wanting to make it smooth and wet, like cookie dough. so when i make something like biscuits, where it is only just coming together and remaining flaky, i am overcome with self-doubt and have a difficult time trusting it. the story of my life, huh? maybe if i can start believing in myself and trusting the dough ... who knows what will happen in my real life ...

buttermilk biscuits: saving the rest for tomorrow morning to cure my inevitable new years hangover with (fake) sausage and gravy and eggs ... ymmm!!


  1. Shana I love reading your blogs, and viewing the pictures you post! I hope all is well! Miss you both! MMM those buttermilk biscuits looked delish!! Bread and butter my weakness!

  2. By the way Douglas is really Heather your cousin. I just do not have an account. I am using his.