holidays are meant for food and drink shared with friends and family

holiday party last night was a resounding success. probably the best one we have hosted so far. i think what is really super about our parties is that most of our friends don't really know each other. there are friends from a decade ago to friends we just made a couple of months back. from all parts of our lives ... work, school, neighbors, friends of friends, etc. because it's a lot of people meeting for the first (or second) time there are none of those typical party cliques or couples that only hang out with each other. everybody is out there mingling, chatting, and laughing.

unfortunately because we had so much fun hosting, there are no photos of all our delicious food! but in case you're interested, this was our (entirely home-made) menu:
hors d'ouevres ... apricots, grapes, nuts, and olives; deviled eggs with caviar; parmesan rosemary icebox crackers with artichoke dip; crudite with onion dip; shrimp cocktail; gruyere stuffed mushrooms.
dinner ... toasted garlic brussel sprouts; steak fries; pernil.
dessert ... chocolate fondue; cupcakes.
booze ... lots!!

so the only photo i have to share is the post-party clean-up scene :)

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