movie night!

now that the cold weather is here, movie night has been born. since i haven't seen a movie in the theatres for what seems like ages, there are a lot of movies that i really want to see. volver. lives of others. some other ones i can't remember.

so to go with movie night, it's also pizza night. i've been wanting to make home cooked pizzas for what seems like forever. i finally bought a stone like two months ago but still no pizza. tonight was the night! i like lots of veggies, so we did grilled zucchini a
nd eggplant. we didn't cook the peppers so they would give a little crunch. kalamata olives and a little bit of fresh mozzarella. i don't know what i was expecting. and my blah night could be because i'm still congested and feeling lousy. but pizza night was eh, it was anti-climatic ...

mr. mimi making the pie

pizza with zucchini, eggplant, peppers, and olives

the best pizza is at bedouin tent on atlantic avenue in brooklyn. i know they are not "real" pizzas, but i just LOVE them. i could eat them for lunch like two times a week. uh, well sometimes i do, they are that good!

because i wasn't feeling so great, i wanted to watch a light comedy. we rented superbad. i coudn't finish it. did people really like this movie???

i hope to get rid of this nasty cold/flu. it is coming at the fricking wrong time. i have way too much work to be finishing. it is going to be a looong week to come.

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