jewish penicillin

two things are true. i am still sick (what, is this the fourth week of snottin' and coughin'??) and i am eating meat again. yesterday mr. mimi and his dad went to the farmer's market and amongst other animals, he bought a skinny chicken from a local, organic, humanely raised, pasture-fed farm. it's amazing how small a "real" chicken is compared to the pumped up crap you get in the supermarket. today is a rainy, windy day ... the perfect afternoon to stay inside and treat ourselves to chicken soup with crusty sourdough bread for late lunch.

mr. mimi learned this technique at the culinary institute of america. it was confirmed by the ages old jewish wisdom of mimi's nanny (of the grandmother type, not the mary poppins type) although she puts a whole tomato in the mix, for color and flavor. we'll see tomorrow if it worked or not!

jewish penicillin: serves probably about 8

1 whole chicken, leaving skin on
5 large carrots, chopped 1"
1 bunch celery, chopped 1"
1 large onion, coarsely chopped
1 bunch leeks, white parts and tiny bit of green, sliced
3 bay leaves
salt+pepper to taste
cold water

mirepoix, plus leeks

the blessed skinny chicken

1. add all vegetables into large stock put, evenly mixed.

2. rinse chicken until water runs clear. then place on top of vegetables, and add cold water until chicken is covered 3/4. add bay leaves. bring to boil and then down to simmer.

3. cook for 3 hours total, turning the chicken over halfway through and seasoning with salt and pepper. skim off fat periodically. if you get a good chicken there won't be that much fat or scuzz.

4. carefully pull out chicken, discard skin, and pick off meat from bone. chop up meat, add to soup, simmer for another 20 minutes or so and taste for salt and pepper. enjoy and feel better!!

hot, steamy jewish penicillin!

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