random questions

1. should i study french in france next summer or travel to africa?

2. what country should i write about for my gender-based violence in complex emergencies class?

3. how many friends will end up attending our holiday party?

4. what should be our final menu for the holiday party?

5. should i go vegetarian again? sigh ...

6. stay in brooklyn or move uptown?

7. how do i keep to my budget now so i have enough money when i stop working next year?

8. will i ever meet zach braff? and is he as cute in person as on the big screen?


  1. So does that mean you've stopped being vegetarian for now? If so, we've got to have a big ol' beef and bacon eating orgy ("BBBO") before you give up the ghost again (which, honestly, is just a foolish thing to do.)

    And, no, you should not move uptown.

  2. well i do eat fish, which last time i checked was an animal. that leaves me currently as a pseudo-vegetarian. although the truth is, i did eat turkey (gasp!) on thanksgiving ... so who knows what will happen ...