meet the family!

such cuties! JOJO is missing because she hates people, and therefore is unphotographable when you want her to be. she's named after the character in my favorite movie, mystic pizza. i have some older photos of her, but would need to scan them in, and i'm too lazy right now. but here are our three other furry family members.

MILO (mee-low): exhaustedly stretched out after hunting for kitchen scraps from dinner. she was adopted 8 years ago, from a place on hudson street in the west village. she is my baby and sleeps under my arm ever night. her nickname is milosh. or me-lord.

CHEWY (chew-ee): he came from the mean streets of park slope! last year he visited our window a couple of times, gazing lovingly into our apartment. and finally he came right through the back window! he's been a cutie ever since, but also the craziest. his name comes from the fact that he often, and loudly, makes crazy noises like chewbacca. his nickname is chew-balls. or sometimes choo-choo.
TIKI (tee-kee): looking for a little love! tiki was adopted 4 years ago, originally from dwight street in red hook. he has a foot fetish. after a couple of weeks in the kitty juvenile delinquent penitentiary last year, he came back home sweeter than pie. his nickname is teek-tock or teek-balls.
SAMANTHA (nickname, sammy) is now in kitty heaven, but we miss her too, and will always be part of our family :)

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  1. Oh, you have a thing for black kits, too. Dear creatures!