there is only one reason to like winter

i absolutely hate winter with a passion. i get up for work in the dark, i leave the office in the dark. snow is alright, but here in the city it's usually windy and sleeting. i hate even the slightest inkling of winter. the minute it starts to be in the 50s sometime in november i start bitching and shivering.

but something also wonderful happens in the winter.

the arrival of citrus. oranges, grapefruits, blood oranges, meyer lemons, clementines. i know, some of you must be thinking, but of course we can buy oranges and grapefruits any time of the year? but have you tried an orange in the summer? and compared to the sweetness of the in-season citrus of the winter? it's like night and day.

spanish clementines

california clementines

a random thought occurred to me last week as i bought my first box of clementines. how come they all arrive from spain? surely sunny california or florida could grow these lovelies? or is it something about the mediterranean soil and water? well, tonight at fairway, i found these ... clementines from california. they're called "cuties" and i didn't make that up. i haven't tried one yet, because i still have my box to finish. they seem a little larger and the skins seem a little dimply and thicker. but i haven't met a clementine i didn't like.

28-23 ... eli is finally kicking ass ... although the pats are always getting the lucky flag breaks huh? i still put my bets on the giants.

update: what the frick? at 12-up and eli looking good and the giants putting up a fight, this was their game to lose, and well, they did. although can anyone tell me what happened with that mysterious penalty in the 4th quarter? hats off to the pats. but i'll still be rooting against you in the superbowl!!

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