post-christmas dinner

well, this won't be a "real" recipe because it's top secret. mr. mimi's dad is still in town with us, and we asked him to make his world famous turkey meatloaf, inspired by marcella hazan's essentials. it's turkey, egg, white bread soaked in milk, bread crumbs, grated parmesan, onion, and garlic. for the sauce, there is tomatoes, porcinis, white wine. after browning, you pour in the white wine and then the other sauce ingredients. turn it every 15 minutes, and after an hour and fifteen minutes, voila! a stovetop meatloaf like you've never had before. i can't give up the recipe because it's family heirloom secret! but suffice to say, it was delicious tonight! we served it with garlic mashed potatoes and german red cabbage. turkey came from dipaola farms at the farmer's market on saturday.


ready to eat! (it's not really that red, but that's how the photo came out)

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