stress comes but once a semester

because i like to procrastinate (that's who i am, please don't try to change me) i always find the last week of class to be especially stressful. add the fact that i was completely out of commission last week because i was sick (i finally had to give in and get antibiotics yesterday). add the fact that our holiday party is this weekend. and fuggedabowt! and menu planning? yeah, non-existent at the moment. 

speaking of procrastinating ... isn't that why i am here blogging away instead of writing my paper?? ;)

so here is my schedule for this week. read it and weep!

school: write draft of gbv paper; email karin; organize slides for studying; review self-evaluation (frick, i have no idea what this assignment was supposed to be??)
macys: return le creuset; buy roasting pan; pay bill
ann taylor: use up coupons!
crate and barrel: buy ice bowl, wood bowl, egg plate, candles
dinner: spinach raviolis with green salad

school: finish self-evaluation; print any missing slides; begin studying for exam; print info for gbv paper; last field class
party prep: make cracker dough
dinner: boca with sweet potato and broccoli

school: finish studying for exam; revise gbv paper (hopefully it's written!); exam!!
lunch: with H
dinner: end of school party
party prep: dishes

school: finish gbv paper, due at midnight
party prep: all day: shopping, marinating, cooking, prepping, make music mix

party prep: all day: cleaning, cooking, prepping
7:00pm: martini time!! :)

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