bonne année!

this past year has been quite a busy one for me. not necessarily momentous, but certainly busy and fruitful. here's to hoping that 2008 brings even more good things. actually, not really "things" per se, but more clarity, focus, and direction ... and less regret and wishing for something different.

there was an article in the new york times about regret. i didn't find the writing very engaging, but it did have some interesting points. i don't feel resentment, or regret, over negative or traumatic things that have happened in my life (adolescent psychotherapy took care of that). but i do still feel regret about two (three?) things in my life, and they are all academic-related ... smith. history. public health. but then again, those decisions that i wish i made differently about, and in, school have lead me to some other, perhaps even more wonderful and deserving, things, people, and opportunities.

so in that spirit, instead of looking back with doubt, i am truly looking forward to 2008. my resolutions are mostly bane and cliché but for what they're worth:

1. master français once and for all
2. treat my money to a well-deserved rest in my savings
3. swim four times a week

oh snap! our host/ess last night purchased a box of goods from here for their new years eve party, but because it was all packaged in a box, unbeknownst to them, it was leftovers from last year!!

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