when life gives you too many sweet cookies

you bring out the lemons!
with all the sweetness going on in our kitchen (yes, it is entirely possible to be sick and yet still pig out on chocolate chip cookies) i was eyeing the fresh meyer lemons in our pantry with a newfound appreciation. i have been craving the lemon curd cake in martha’s book but i don’t have any cake pans yet. plus, since it was late in the afternoon, i was looking for something quick and easy to whip up.

but because blogging gives you the most opportune chance that somewhere out there someone else is thinking *the exact same thing* i am lucky enough to have found that, indeed, deb from smitten kitchen just recently made lemon bars.

using her adapted contessa recipe and tweaking it for more of the 1:1 ratio of crust to filling, it was a perfectly tart way to end a weekend of sugar overload!

lemon bars
note: these are not for the faint of heart!


  1. mmmm... i love lemon bars. i was so excited to see this recipe! yours look great.

  2. wow, that was a nice catchy post:) loved the writeup:) and also the lemon bars..they look so refreshing!

    btw, I'm hosting a Game Night Party event on my blog and would like to invite you to send in a delicious entry if you can! (details on my blog) Hope to see you there!

  3. thanks katy! they are very tart though, almost too much. i know that deb reduced the amount of sugar, but for my meyers it may have been too much.

    mansi... i tried to get to your blog from your profile :(

  4. I sent my friend to your blog yesterday (she's madly in pursuit of the perfect lemon bar) and she showed up this morning with a lovely container full. Thank you! My mouth is tingling with joy. :)

  5. hey that's so awesome chou! i love all things lemon, i have another lemon bar recipe i want to try out too, with a crumbly top.