there's a first time for everything

the italian stallion
this evening, i was shopping for some baking ingredients, when i came across these babies ... italian clementines! if you remember, i'm in love with these pop in your mouth delicious citrus fruits that only come but once a year. spanish are the old standby (at least here in the northeast) but last week i found california for the first time. and tonight, my first italians.

the name of these? "passion" ... haha, the italian stallion of clementines!!

the verdict? much better than the californians, but still not as good as the best spanish. they were moist and smooth, but without that nice citrus punch. when spanish clementines are on, they are *on* if you know what i mean.

but i'll add these to my repertoire. i wonder if southern france or portugal also produce little clemmies?

too artsy for my own good?

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