two weeks

until new york's primary. it seems like eons away. i'm 99% sure who i will be voting for. i don't look at the personalities first, i.e. i don't say i like hillary because of X or i don't like edwards because of Y. i decide, first, for myself, what qualities and policies i find most important in a president. you know, there's deal breakers and then there are top priorities and then everything in between. and then i look at the candidates and decide from there, who most fits those qualities ... without falling into the trap of thinking my choice has to represent every single one (i'm a realist; i know no one is going to promote legalizing gay marriage or oppose the death penalty).

i respect differences, and i appreciate hearing barack supporters and john cheerers (well, i guess that gives my vote away huh?) but what i don't understand at all is the vehemence towards hillary, particularly from fellow democrats. yeah, i get that republicans hate her, and that undecided voters might not favor her either. and i honestly understand why democrats may not vote for her in the primaries. but i don't understand the comment, presumably coming from democrat leaning voters, that i hear over and over again in blogs and articles ... "if hillary is the presidential nominee i REFUSE to vote for her." why not? so if you can't vote for barack in november and the choice is between, hypothetically, hillary or mitt you'll vote for mitt just because? just because you "hate" hillary or think she's insincere or bitchy or whatever personality trait you despise? i'm not a party line girl, but i mean, COME ON!

maybe that's just heated primary talk. you know, people passionate about barack or john or dennis. believing in their man, wanting to win, wanting hillary to lose. but you know what? you'll never hear a hillary fan on a blog saying "i refuse to vote for obama if he is the nominee" ... we may not fancy him or think he's the best but we don't hate him. if the choice is between barack or mike we won't go scurrying to the baptist. refuse is a strong word, and should be used wisely. we don't refuse to take back the white house. we will refuse to let the republicans continue for four more years!

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