where's the party? i'll bring the onion dip!

this is going to be one of those pretty boring, but nicely useful posts.

i'm a crudité girl. i love my veggies and dip. i used to just buy a knorr pack and voilà, that was that for the dip. then at our christmas party i decided to try making my own. and i'll never go back! wow. super yummy taste! super easy to make! and caramelizing onions make your kitchen smell sooo good! give this recipe a try for your next party.


  1. The simplest of recipes are the ones that people look for the most. I always feel challenged to serve new and interesting dips and let's face it, there's a crudite platter at every party or gathering.

  2. i'm always tempted to try a different flavored dip, but i really love the classic onion!