martha mondays: you know you want to!

just what is this martha mondays and why should you join us? this is the bi-weekly join as you like no rules apply event for people who are interested in checking out martha's recipes, good and bad. if you think she's a perfectionist b*tch then this event is probably not for you. well then again, she probably is one, but that's actually what i like about her ;)

normally i will select a recipe out of her baking handbook but sometimes from her empire of magazines. then you guys and gals go out there and make the magic! i'm a proud member of the daring bakers and tuesdays with dorie, and i just love the idea of everyone out there making the same thing. so that's how i started this event. right now it's not big enough to require its own blog site, but we'll just see what happens!

the no rules "rules" include: post on the same day and email me your blog link. yup, that's it!

the next round: choose any recipe from the current issue of "living" or "everyday food" magazine. sweet or savory, appetizer or dinner, hot or cold ... the possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you! if you don't have her magazine, then click here for the living issue and here for everyday food issue. tweaking is allowed, although i'm more curious to see how her recipes work, as is. post date is monday may 12. don't forget to email me for the round-up!

to see our previous two martha mondays, including links to those who joined us, click for
coconut-caramel sandwich cookies and mocha (or blackberry) roulade.


  1. Mimi, martha mondays sounds like a smashing idea! I would looooooove to join, but unfortunately my plate's so full at the moment I can't possibly add anything more to it! =( I think martha's the true domestic goddess, all the recipes i've tried from her worked beautifully!! I wish your martha monday success!

  2. Cute idea! I have the everyday food cookbook - Great Food Fast. Is that something that could work? I am obsessed with it lately. PS. Martha is a domestic bitch but I love her anyways. LOL.

  3. clara - if you want to use something from the everyday cookbook, go ahead! i'm really not that picky about this especially since it's choose your own recipe this time!

  4. I'll play this week. I have been eating wayyyy to many baked goods lately, so will probably go with something savory. I'd probably be on board for every week if the majority of the recipes weren't baked goods. (Not looking to tell you how to run your event at all, just thought it might give you something to consider.)

    Some people may not like Martha, and ya, she has a reputation of being a hard-ass, but there is no denying she is one savvy business woman. Who else could use a stint in jail to make poncho sales go up?

    ::off to find my recipe::

  5. I've not made a whole lot of Martha's recipes - I just got her cookie book that I love, but I really would like to try more. I like that this is bi-weekly (every week is just too much for me!) and I like that we can choose which recipe. I'm going to make time for this one!