going green at the farmer's markets

i love the farmer's markets here in the city. i definitely believe that it is easier to buy local produce, meats, cheeses, wines, and other bountiful items here in the city than it is back at home, surrounded by farms. i don't necessarily mean better; i know all the environmental arguments against trucking it down here to the city. but it is certainly easier to get it all in one location (and isn't a truck from 70 miles away better than a californian truck from 3,000 miles away, or even further?)

when i went to union square this weekend i really appreciated how much i love my not so little but totally manageable farmer's market. but no matter where i picked up my goodies, i knew i wanted to join in the "go local" theme for art you can eat hosted by amanda from mrs. w's kitchen and holly from phemomenon.

here are two dishes that we recently made. the market options are somewhat limited right now. if this event was let's say in two months, i could probably show a variety of 100% local dishes. but green vegetables are still a no-show, except for asparagus which i just can. not. bear. one. more. time. garlic has not yet arrived but onions, shallots, herbs, and potatoes are are still looking fresh. and we saw these amazing mushrooms that were the freshest, moistest, prettiest looking things. i'm not even really fond of the 'shrooms but these were just asking to be made into something, and we obliged.

now, before anyone says anything, i know that eating meat is one of the worst things for the environment. yes, yes, and yes i know! but i only eat meat a couple times of month, and i wanted to illustrate that it is possible to eat meat and still support local farms that utilize, at least relatively speaking, more sustainable methods of producing such meat. i don't think everyone is going to become vegetarian any time too soon. but if we could reduce our average consumption of meat, and eat locally grown meat whenever possible, it would all be a good start :)

chicken marsala with sugar snap peas (local chicken, mushrooms, shallots, chives)

roasted rosemary turkey with chive potatoes and broccoli (local turkey, rosemary, onion, potatoes, chives)


  1. Both dishes look and sound wonderful! Thanks for participating!

  2. marsala looks great! i so miss the NYC greeenmarkets (i used to go to the brooklyn heights market at least twice a week). the markets here in sydney seem to be focused more on artisanal food products like sausages, cheese, jam, oils, which are wonderful...but there is shockingly little produce.

  3. They sound delicious! Unfortunately, there is not even a farmer's market very close to me - it has to turn into an all day event if I want to drive to one! But the grocery store I shop at does carry local produce whenever it is in season.