lime meltaways

extra limes left over from mexican poker night last weekend. i'm sure there are more creative ideas, but i decided to go with lime meltaways. hmm, who wouldn't like to melt away to warmer weather and soft beaches?

these were fun and easy to make, although i made a mess with the confectioner's sugar. and they were a bit more delicate than i expected, so i don't think i can bring these into work (delicate and powdery? that's nothing but trouble and a messy keyboard!) i am also not sure if i particularly like this type of cookie, with the sugar coating all sides. i know i like linzers, so i thought i would like these too. it was worth a try. these were good. but not great.

although you know what? mr. mimi likes them. so maybe you're a limaholic and would like to take your own try? i would suggest adding more juice or zest. you can find the recipe, along with a very cute video, if you click

update: i just had some meltaways (two days old now) and let me say, wow, delish! i guess, for me, these are one of those cookies that taste better the next day. super yummy, with a slight saltiness. i would still probably add just a pinch more juice or zest next time. but i take it all back, these are great!


  1. These look amazing- I love anything lime. You really got a nicely shaped roll on those. Sometimes I have a tough time getting it all shaped the way I'd like it! Any special tricks you use?

  2. recipe girl, try using a ruler against the parchment roll. in the past i was too lazy (imagine, too lazy to use a ruler!) but this was the first time trying it, and it worked like a charm. if you click on the video on martha's recipe link, i think she actually shows it being done.

  3. Anonymous15/4/08 07:28

    I've just discovered your blog and these biscuits looks wonderful

  4. thanks for visiting rossella, these were really tasty and easy to make! well, besides the messy sugar part at the end :)

  5. I love meltaways, and this lime version sounds delicious!