i've got a new toy!

i am a firm believer that machinery does not make a photograph. when reading around blogs or websites, you could swear that if you had a bunch of L-series lens, then you, too, could be one of the best. and yet, the "best" didn't even have image stabilization! what did they have? the eye and the spirit.

so, no, i don't believe that a camera set up over $1,000 will somehow mean you get better photos. but i do believe that they are fun! :)

so without further adieu, let me introduce my new toy and its companion workhorse, and some first photos. as you can see, i have lots to learn. i look forward to a beautiful new relationship! and if anyone has any suggestions to make the lighting less bright, pass them along! :)

canon xt with macro lens

lowel ego lights in my "studio" setup, aka, living room coffee table. for a description of these lights (and where i got the idea to buy them) check out jaden's great write up. of course, my photos still don't look as good as her's, but that isn't cuz i ain'ts trying! :)

at the market (that's mr. mimi in the blue jacket!)

neighbor's kitty



pine cone

and what did i use before this lovely hunk of digitalization came my way (via B&H)? just a littler version :)

and in case you're curious, this is my old toy, the old classic which has provided many a happy film photo or slide. not so useful for blogging, but still travels with me.

olympus OM-1


  1. The orchid picture is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous13/4/08 22:25

    I am dripping with jealousy ;-) Love the new toy!

  3. thanks sarah and chelley! it's been a lot of fun, i think i'm becoming ever slightly more obsessed. but it's all good :)

  4. I'm so jealous! I want one so badly!