twd: fluted polenta and ricotta cake

i have to admit that if a recipe doesn't have a photo, i tend to gloss over it, um, next! so when caitlin of engineer baker picked the fluted polenta and ricotta cake for this week's tuesdays with dorie, i was intrigued. it made me think of this tasty little cake called basbousa i have at one of my favorite middle eastern lunch spots near work. of course thanks to wiki, now i know they are not really similar at all. but in the meantime, i was excited to try this interesting combination of ingredients. i mean, who doesn't like to be transported to a sunny mediterranean lifestyle?

the recipe was pretty straightfoward and easy to assemble. and it could've been just me and the fact that this was my third straight day of baking, but it was also pretty darn messy. i had honey dripping everywhere! and the figs kept sticking to my fingers as i cut them! and i was trying to take photos the whole time! but the beautiful smell coming from the oven, honey heaven, made up for all of it as i was cleaning up.

the end result was lovely. the first bite tastes very sweet, but then the corn and ricotta mellow it out. i used mission figs and i should've added more (and also dusted with a little flour so they didn't all plop down to the bottom). i also would've tried adding some sliced almonds, either to the mix or on top.

for the recipe and more figs than you shake your tush at, visit all the blogging bakers at tuesdays with dorie!

i tried another slice tonight, although it seemed a little denser. it's also just in a pie box because i don't have an airtight container big enough for it, so that could be the culprit. but coupled with a freshly made fruit salad, it was still quite good!


  1. you're right-- sliced almonds would be great with this! your cake is beautiful!

  2. Wow -- yours sliced perfectly! I'm with you on how it tasted. A great combination of flavors.

  3. That cake looks absolutely delicious! Yummy!



  4. Your cake looks so good...I can almost smell it through the pictures! Great job!

  5. looks delicious! Sliced almonds would be great on this. Great job!

  6. Total perfection. Weird how something so messy transforms into something so perfectly sliceable.


  7. Loved the sliced cake and figs on a plate photo. Looks yummy!

  8. I hardly try out those recipes without pictures too! your cake looks great!

  9. Anonymous29/4/08 13:43

    Your cake looks picture perfect! Wonderful job!

  10. Looks great! Love the blog!

  11. I am like you. No picture, probably won't bake. I am a visual baker. Your last picture could be in the dorie book. Its gorgeous! Great job!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  12. It was messy wasn't it? I had apricots stuck to my fingers too. What we really need is a personal photographer to take all our pictures so we can keep licking our fingers instead of worrying about the camera! Oh, wait! That's what Dorie has!
    I agree with you though. No pictures, no baking!

  13. Lovely job! That smell was intoxicating, wasn't it?

  14. You did a great job! The whole tart is very elegant. Almonds do sound great with this too.

  15. Your tart looks picture perfect, well done!

  16. Anonymous30/4/08 20:24

    The color of your cake is amazing. nice job.

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