swiss orange chocolate cupcakes

i work full-time five days a week. i go to school three days a week. including school and gym classes or tennis lessons, i don't get back home until past 9 o'clock at five nights a week. add all of that to my renowned lack of time management skills, and it is rare that i actually have any leisurely spent afternoons on the weekends.

yesterday afternoon, after the morning spent running errands, and before our friends would arrive in the evening, the most sensible thing would be to relax on the couch with mr. mimi as he watched in perennial disappointment as the maine went down.

but ladies and gents, i have caught the baking bug and the fever is running high. two or three hours down time? sure, that's all i need. i just NEED to bake something, anything. i need to measure, mix, whip, crack, fold, and pour.

and i had leftover buttermilk burning a hole in my fridge. so i dreamed and salivated around the daring bakers until i found a recipe with buttermilk and all the other ingredients on hand.

so here they are, quick and easy. i omitted the chocolate glaze because i only had regular size chocolate chips, so the cakes were quite chocolatey already (okay, okay, the real reason was because i was lazy). i forgot to dust the chips with a little flour so they wouldn't all sink in baking, but let's not get picky. they were delicious and buttery. almost too buttery. is there such a thing? :)

for the recipe, click here. thanks to mary at alpineberry!


  1. Yum! Chocolate and orange sounds super yummy!

  2. wow! what pretty cupcakes!!

  3. thanks jessy and em! i ran out of zest so they didn't have as much orange pop as i wished for, but they were still yum!

  4. Anonymous7/4/08 15:37

    I think I like it without chocolate gaze. Looks delish!

  5. I love the chocolate/orange combination! I often find that when I should be doing other things, I just want to be in the kitchen!

  6. thanks summer and deborah! this is the first (but certainly not the last) chocolate-orange combo, it was so yummy! and yeah, three articles to read for tomorrow's class? you can find me baking instead! :)

  7. Mmmm ... they actually look buttery, too! Orange and chocolate are one of my favourite combos. Nicely done!