spice racks rant

okay, yes i'm pushing it here for post numero diez. but anyone who lives in new york city knows how much can be a bitch to run errands. the simplest things can take all afternoon. and then it's still a crapshoot if you can actually find what you want!

no let me clarify that. in this great city you can find anything that you want, and a thousand things you never even dreamed of wanting.

but how come all spice racks now come with the actual containers?? i want this one. but i was trying to save me some shipping charges and so i spent all afternoon in the usual suspects, looking for at least something similar. all i find in the stores are big fancy racks with spice jars already included. wtf?! is it that difficult to have something simple? i hate when consumer goods try to get more complicated and fancy when all it really is, is more junk.

what's your rant?


  1. I had the bf build me a spice rack because all the commercial ones were too small or, as you say, prestocked. If you had an Ikea nearby, I'll bet they would have something you could use. Or Google DIY spice racks. The magnetic ones or the ones using test tubes are cool.

  2. Here's an idea.

    My rant: I'm too easily distracted by interesting Google searches when I should be doing housework.

  3. i totally agree with that first paragraph...anytime i go out shopping, with a specific and clear idea of what i'm looking for, i can't find anything suitable (this usually happens with clothes). or if i go out with a big list of things i need, i have to go to about 6 different shops, because city shops are small and no one has it all. this is true in sydney as well as nyc.

    spinning spice racks, suck, btw. i had one a long time ago, and gave it to salvation army, b/c i couldn't stand it taking up a huge chunk of counter space and just looking ugly.

  4. My rant...you don't get spice racks/jars easily here!! LOL...so I gladly carted racks & jars all the way from the US while the hub did a mad dance on overweight baggage!! Life is...