five friends

thanks to jen over at use real butter i discovered that october is national blog writing month. woo hoo! that means one post every day for the entire month of october. what do you get out of it? hopefully some interesting stories, recipes, photos, and random droolings. what do i get out it? a free luxury lip balm!! my oh my i need this lip balm. i love lip balm. i will pimp myself out for lip balm any month!

and well now it's day three. sheesh, you thought you were going to get another recipe? umm, i'm really not that industrious in the kitchen! and although some people may not enjoy reading about those other parts of my life ... isn't that what having good food and drink is all about? to have the time and space to share good stories, happiness, heartache, debate, politics, hopes, and questions with family and friends?

so even though you might not agree with my choice come election day, i hope you agree with this video.

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  1. Welcome to the NaBloWriMo club!

  2. thanks kitt! i hope i can keep up! ;-)