project runway

literally five minutes at home ... time to squeeze in only a couple sentences, so here it goes!

korto was completely robbed last night! her show was the only one that actually looked like a collection. the colors were great, silhouettes were interesting, beading was gorgeous. it looked cohesive while still interesting. in an elle spread, it would be enough variety to be pleasing on the eye.

leanne on the other hand was completely boring. yes, her construction is beautiful and i absolutely loved two of her pieces. and kudos for having skirt, dress, pants, and short. but every single item had the waves!! and only two colors! her elle spread will be boring, five pages of all the same thing!

i don't think i've ever been so annoyed by someone i don't know than by kenley! and my goodness, that voice of hers is like nails on a chalkboard! but i have to give her credit and say that some of her pieces were lovely. but overall, the show just looked disjointed without much that connected all the pieces.

and your thoughts??


  1. Korto was definitely robbed. I watched the finale again tonight. Way too many pleats in Leanne's collection. Much too much of that pale aqua color. Interesting pleats though! Kenley is quite sure of herself and argumentative. Not a fan of hers.


  2. I was disappointed by this finale. As soon as Christian's line started coming out last year, I was so "oh yeah, he won." But I felt that these collections were missing some "wow" factor. I did like parts of both K's & L's line (and I can't stand Kenley's just because SHE made it). I thought it was a toss up between K & L.

    I'm glad I have a few episodes of Tim Gunn's show to tide me over until Top Chef starts up again!