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no time for a recipe, but wanted to make sure i got my nablowrimo post in!

i read this last week, a reader's comment to the new york times article about a police lieutenant's suicide after he ordered the tasering of a man, who then fell off a fire escape and died.

i found it meaningful in so many ways, in so many contexts ... personal, cultural, political, international.

"We place so much emphasis on blame and responsibility in our public culture today — and so little on forgiveness.

I wonder if were we a more forgiving society — one in which a tragic mistake such as the death of Iman Morales could be admitted and then forgiven — if Officer Pigott might have lived to serve again as a chastened and wiser servant of public safety.

In this case, tragedy and suffering has been duplicated — and no one is the better for it."

— Posted by Mark (comment #158)

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  1. I had a professor in law school who espoused much the same thing. He said that there would be far fewer lawsuits in this world if people could actually admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.