this blog is not a figment of your imagination

i really am here. and i really did my martha pie this past monday, really. i even have photos to prove it! in fact, i have a whole crapload of photos of so many different things i was wanted to post here but haven't yet gotten around to it.

i promise i will when i return.

but this afternoon i will be on my way to south africa, for cape town and kruger. so you, my dear readers, will have to wait just a wee bit longer.

in the meantime, please go check out lynn at bites and pieces who also did the martha pie, and it came out looking gorgeous! her lattice top - first ever! - is lovely and looks oh so delish. she also passed along the arte y pico award, which certainly is undeserved at the blog moment. i promise i will make it up to her!

and here's my sweet milo. i hope to see the ancestral version of this on my safari :)



  1. Have a great trip Mimi...& a big hello to Milo's ancestors too. pic reminds me of Red Riding Wolves "What big teeth you have grandma"!!! LOL...xoxoxo Deeba

  2. wow--what a trip! have a great time, and see you when you're back!

  3. milo looks totally fearsome!!!

  4. Oh have fun! We've moved into your neighborhood, although about as far south as one can be and still attempt to claim living in Park Slope. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. thanks everyone! and chou - welcome to the 'hood! hope you're loving the city as much as i do! :)