south africa

day 3: rooi els bay?

settling back home is always the toughest part of vacation. but especially so when you have the best vacation, ever. which is the simplest way to express how much we loved south africa.

day 4: kayaks

in two weeks you can hardly see anything in a country as large and diverse as south africa, but of what we did, it was amazing.

day 6: S100 sunset

our itinerary kept us very busy until just the last day: boulders beach, cape of good hope, langa township, hermanus, kruger park, sabi sands reserve, and hazyview.

day 11: CC morning drive: in the sunrise

the main reason we decided to vacation in south africa was for the animals. and we were not disappointed at all! in addition to the big five, we saw so many other animals large and small. great birding too, and beautiful, diverse ecozones.

day 6: H1-4: tree

day 5: letaba: resident bushbuck

day 5: H9: big ears

day 10: H4-1 LS morning drive: marabou stork

you can also see more photos on my flickr set. if you really want all the boring little details, i also have a trip report posted on lonely planet.

day 8: H1-2: southern ground hornbill

day 7: gudzani (near S90): lilac-breasted roller

day 8: S86: zebra

day 10: S21 LS morning drive: lioness

but now it's back to the reality of not working and going back to school ... AND BAKING!! 'tis about time to get back to it, huh? so i'm off to make an old favorite and spend my entire afternoon catching up on everyone's blogs that i've been missing!! :)

day 7: H1-4: more zazu!

day 6: H1-5: buffalo


  1. I just saw these photos on my reader and got so jealous!!! My cousin just got back from a trip there and said it was wonderful. These are wonderful photos fit for National Geographic. Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back Mimi...OMG...you've had a rocking good holiday. What stunning pictures from a country I dream of visiting one day. You've lived my dream & how!! Fabulous pictures...love each one of them. Great to have you back!! :0)

  3. your pictures are amazing! I would love to visit south africa some day! It's always a little hard to go back home after such an amazing vacation.

  4. what an amazing trip! these animal photos are superb...and aren't zebras so beautiful?