garlic chicken

anyone who knows me, knows i'm only not only never speechless, but i'm passionate about politics. when i was an adolescent, my nickname was "madame president" until someone had the courage to burst my dream and tell me that only american-born people can be president. then i decided first female secretary of state would be good enough, but ms. albright beat me to it. now i'll just have to settle for senate majority leader :)

so even though this is my food blog, you'll have to indulge my occasional political ramblings, particularly at a time like this.

i remember in my 11th grade US history class, a photo of hillary clinton was posted beside the chalkboard. she looked so powerful, and so graceful; it was just a photo-op but i knew she was looking right at me. i remember staring at it, thinking i could be anything i wanted to dream of. emotionally i am still saddened by her loss. strategically i still think she would have been the better VP choice. but honorably i am proud to be part of her 18 million cracks. she didn't have to apologize for anything; her speech was for us.

and bubba ... amazing then, amazing tonight, amazing always. i'm so glad he tried (in vain, i'm sure) to make people realize that this is politics, not a peace parade, and that obama is a stronger candidate because of the primary contest against hillary. the people who constantly berate hillary with this delusion that the republicans would never have come up with this negative ad shit on their own has been living under a rock for the past 8 years.

both clintons have reminded me why i'm proud to be in the democratic party, and why the party still owed them the gratitude that they never have been given since he left office. but i anxiously wait for tomorrow night to see if obama can convince me that he has earned the vote to celebrate this historic moment. i am certainly not as undecided as before, but i am definitely not as convinced as i need to be.

now how to segue to some garlic chicken??! ;)

this was made some time ago, and what it might lack in the creativity department it sure does make up in the delish factor. so if you're looking for a quick and easy meal, this is all you need! (sorry the photos have such a yellow hue - photoshop expert i ain't!)

sizzling away

garlic chicken: serves 2
adapted from donna hay magazine (issue 37, p. 136)

cook one chicken breast in olive oil on high heat until cooked through. add 2 cloves crushed and 1 clove chopped garlic and season with salt and pepper. toss with a handful of chopped parsley and chives and a squeeze of lemon.

i love garlic

garlic chicken


  1. The garlic chicken looks nice. I may try to emulate that tomorrow.

    One question though: they sell Donna Hay's magazine here in the US?

    I'm originally from Australia and had a subscription. Love her stuff, miss her magazine.

  2. hey patricia, here in new york, i bought the magazine at a barnes & noble. it's $10 an issue, but so gorgeous it's worth it! because the seasons are opposite, i haven't yet bought the next issue but will soon. i love that her recipes are so simple, yet so delicious!

  3. Mimi
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Going to the orchard tomorrow for another 1/2 bushel of peaches.
    So far, homemade peach ice cream, peach preserves, peach cobblers(3 diff recipes) and a peach pie.
    The orchard I go to has a variety I haven't tried so I want to try the new kind.
    It's fun.. we love peaches fresh from the orchard.. no middle guy to buy from
    Thanks for your comments on the Clintons. I met President Clinton in Philadelphia in the mid 90's. He is charming and I miss him as prez. We lived overseas for 5 years and just last year repatriated and he is loved and respected in Asia.
    George W has made US a laughing stock in the world.
    I enjoyed both the Clinton speeches.
    Love you mix politics with food.. now this is living.

  4. Now that's a thought Mimi...now I know you are a passionate politician!! Loads happening on the front these days...
    I love the flavours & simplicity of this chicken...how finger-licking good it looks!!YUM!!