i want to believe

that this year is going to be different.

i never had a problem or dislike of obama, per se. i had a very big problem with the "leadership" and decision making incapability of the DNC that made the primary season a farce. i had a pretty big dislike of many of obamaniacs (which, btw, is almost everyone in my circle) and their intense - yet completely hollow - demagoguery of hillary. the media fueled contradictions and hypocrisy - if the majority of white people in a county voted for hillary it was because of racism, but if 90% of black men in a state voted for barack it was solidarity?? - of the primary season was almost unbearable.

i don't think i will ever agree with the selection of biden as VP. strategically i think a united party is a stronger party and including 48 percent of the party would have been a start.

but i want to believe that this year is going to be different. that our passion, our determination, and our efforts will not be for naught. because i refuse to believe that the only winning vote i have ever casted in my whole twelve years of voting was for bubba.

i don't get the same visceral reaction that the most fervent supporters do when obama speaks. but he had some amazing passages that reminded me ... i still believe in a place called hope.

oh yeah, and when i was a wayward teenager i was ga-ga over al gore. i wanted to bear his love child. i mean look at this photo - wasn't he a hottie?! he might still not be a great speaker, but damn he's still handsomely good-looking!!

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