thank you hillary

i know i said no more politics, but i am so happy now in a way that i so so so much needed.

i may still not understand why barack didn't choose her as VP - and that's pure strategy talking, not my emotions.

it's bittersweet, but thank you hillary ... you did it, and you did it brilliantly and beautifully.

(don't worry, i promise tomorrow there will be more food. but can you really blame me? it's been an amazing year!)


  1. Anonymous27/8/08 08:26

    Sorry you were disappointed in Obama being the choice...personally I didn't know too much about the sexist remarks being made, and if there were, that is truly disappointing. However, yes, I think Hillary made a great speech, and I think it really is time that our party unites and stands together with Barack.

  2. I am with you.. I too am disappointed and so hoped she'd be the VP pick. I think that would have assured the Democratic win in Nov. Disappointing.
    And of course I will vote for Obama