the best and only artichoke dip recipe you'll ever need!

mis en place

phew! that title is a windful! it is true, this is simple artichoke dip with none of that extra stuff like spinach or whatnots. but what it has in plainness and unphotogenicness, it makes up with the delish factor.

i first made this for last year's
holiday party and it was a perfect start of the evening. then this weekend a friend hosted a party and made a special request, so of course i obliged and it was just as yummy as we all remembered. it is a bit messy to make, but you can always assemble ahead of time the day before, and then bake off right before you need it.



recipe can be found here. i don't usually do the leaves on top. i would also suggest that you not warm up the milk ahead of time. when thickening a sauce, typically the two items need to be of different temperatures (hot to cold or cold to hot). it's not a big deal if you warm it, but you may find it easier to whisk smoothly if you don't. maybe room temperature milk is a happy compromise?

but rest assured, warm milk or not, this will be the hit of your next party! :)



  1. That dish looks extremely scrumptious! Delicious!



  2. I love artichoke dip... I would have some right now with some pita! Your photos are better and better everyday! Well done!

  3. Oh, this is going in my "must make" folder. I am always looking for good dip recipes to bring to parties and this one looks like a keeper. Yum!

    PS Regarding your last post, I feel the same way about Blogger too. I have to spend almost as much time fixing my posts as I do writing them. What is with all the divs anyway?! So frustrating!

  4. Great to have another perfectly delicious artichoke dip recipe tucked away for entertaining. Everyone always likes it.

  5. I've never really made artichoke dip from scratch - I usually wimp out and buy it - this looks easy enough and I love artichoke dip.

  6. I LOVE artichokes!! I've never tried making a dip out of them before. I love the crunchy topping.

    Re: blogger. I understand. I used it for a couple of months and then moved my site. It got right up my nose!

  7. I adore artichoke dip! I will be trying this one.

  8. OMG--i could eat the entire dish myself!

  9. Seriously good! I think it looks very photogenic, especially the bubbly warm goodness at the bottom picture.

  10. oh my gosh, that looks awesome -- i love anything with artichokes, but this is a whole new level of yum!

  11. thanks everyone! definitely try making it. i looked around at all different variations of artichoke dip before choosing this one because it seemed the easiest and most straightforward. and it was sooo delish!