martha mondays: round-up and next event

this round-up for martha mondays is all savory (well, except for me, of course!) the challenge this time was to choose a recipe from one of her magazines - living or everyday food.

i was happy to welcome becke from columbus foodie who created a very delish thai chicken and noodle salad. kathy from just the right size also joined us with a hearty farro and porcino risotto. thanks to both for trying out these great recipes!

and while of course i'd love for others to participate, as long as one other person joins me, i'm still happy to continue planning for martha mondays :)

so for the next event we're going all savory. it's funny, you'd think i bake so much because i love sweets. but that is so far from the truth. i'm a salty girl through and through! i'd absolutely positively rather have a side of french fries over a plate of dessert any day!

martha's website has a nice "best quick and easy recipes" feature online. let's see how best, quick, and easy they really are! there are chicken, pasta, and other meat options so plenty to choose from depending on your mood.

to see the recipes, click here.

the no-rules rules of martha mondays (i just added more, haha! - AND the rules just changed!!):

1. choose a recipe from the link above. there are 20 different ideas so surely you'll find one you like! if you really absolutely hate all those options, then you can still join us with some other martha recipe, but it better be a good one!

2. you don't have to tell me in advance, so don't worry if someone might do the same dish you're going to do. that's also part of the fun! you are more than welcome to tweak a recipe, or change the presentation. as long as basically the recipe remains in the same spirit and method. part of this event is to find out how good (or not!) martha's recipes really are!

3. the rule change: post your martha recipe anytime between now and saturday may 31 at midnight my time (new york) and include a link back to me in your post. i will do the round-up on that monday, june 2.

2. email me at marthamondays-at-gmail-dot-com with a link to your post. also include a photo if you have one.


  1. Hi there,
    I love the Martha Monday idea and would love to join in.
    Quick question...do you want to know which recipe we are making ahead of time (so there are no duplicates) or do you want it to be a surprise?
    I don't need an excuse to get in the kitchen, but if I did, this would be a great one! Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. hi erinn, thanks for visiting my blog! no need to let me know in advance, part of the fun for me is the surprise! plus, even the same recipe can be done in so many different ways, so i love to see what people come up with!

  3. Anonymous14/5/08 13:12

    I hope I can participate but I've been pretty with school lately so I don't know if I will have time... Great selection of recipes also! The honey-soy glazed chiken looks specially appealing :D.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and by the way... OMG your pie looks good!!!

  4. Oh no! I totally forgot! I need to start writing down my foodie events in my day planner. Do you post a reminder a few days before? So sorry I missed this week! All the recipes for next week look so yummy. I definitely wanna try! :)

  5. ps. Just to make sure I understand. We all post on the same day or any day before the deadline?

  6. I forgot all about it too. I really want to do this, but like Clara said, we all need day planners for these events! We're so freakin' busy!
    Spatulas & Corkscrews

  7. i just changed the rules ... and why not, it's my event! haha. post any day before. i will do the round-up on monday june 2.

    and the worst is when a couple events are on the same day! this is especially bad for me because i normally wait to the last minute for everything. yes, it's happened that i'm up to the wee hours trying to complete two blog events!

    i try to use is my blog burning to keep up, but i still end up forgetting some!

  8. Hmm very tempting. Il have to see if I can think of anything to post.

  9. This sounds so fun...I have to admit that I LOVE Martha and am always so happy to find Living in my mailbox (like yesterday!).

    Yes, I do want to participate! :)


  10. Oh, man! I just realized that I missed the deadline. For some reason, I thought it was the 2nd. Sorry! I'll try again next round.