sometimes you feel like a nut

... okay, i won't go there. but you know the jingle. and back in the day, i used to love almond joy. so when i was searching around in bloggo-land for something to use up my remaining almond paste, i came across a post titled "almond joy" and i just knew i had to make it. this recipe comes from gourmet, via mary at alpineberry.

almond bar cookie

these almond bar cookies seemed easy enough. but i think somehow it didn't come out quite right. sure, the photos look good here, but they look nothing like mary's version, nor the photos from gourmet. mine didn't look, nor taste, cookie-like. it sank and was rather dense and greasy. like a bar of nothing but almond paste and butter. which, yes, those are the main ingredients. but somehow i think i must have done something slightly wrong. the crust edge was nice, and if the whole thing came out like that, it probably would've been all very good.


on epicurious some people suggested reducing the amount of butter. not sure if that really would've done the trick. maybe i over-mixed the batter? i used parchment instead of foil, but i also don't think that's the problem. if any one has made these before and has suggestions, please post a comment!

two bars


despite it coming out too dense, the flavor was very delish. definitely worth a try yourself! for mary's post with the recipe, click here. for the original gourmet post on epicurious, with some comments about reducing the butter, click here.



  1. Flop or not, they certainly look good!

  2. I have to agree with Cate--if you don't want it, I'll take it! ;-) It looks really good

  3. that looks gorgeous. i'd love to have a big portion of that to take with me whilst i work in the library please! :) x

  4. It looks delicious! I love the golden edges and the almond topping, beautiful!

  5. I agree... it certainly LOOKS great. It looks very similar to an almond butter cake that I've made before. Good stuff.

  6. Doesn't THAT look good! Just call it an almond torte and and never mind about the cookie concept! It looks delicious!
    Ann at Redacted Recipes

  7. My mum used to make something a bit like this. Yours looks fabulous - you know how to make someone hungry!!

  8. i think this looks so good. i am bookmarking b/c we actually have almond paste to use up too!

  9. yeah, well all that complaining i did about it being dense and not cookie-like? umm, well, i kind of almost ate like half of it in the past few days. so i guess it was, indeed, good! :)