twd: orange-berry muffins


do not adjust your screen! i know you were expecting a luscious peanut butter torte. but make no mistake, this is still tuesdays with dorie!

and even though the lovely elizabeth of ugg smell food chose what i'm sure was an amazing torte, i decided to make a pass on it. i'm not especially fond of the rich and heavy desserts (peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate, and oreo crumb sound a little heavy to me) and plus, with the final week of exams and papers due i felt like i didn't have enough time to do it the justice it deserved.

but school be darned, i still wanted to play around! so i decided to go with the easiest looking completed twd recipe on this list.



because blueberries are not yet in season, i went with the early spring strawberries. they did break down a wee bit and made it a little more watery. but i did add just a handful of chocolate chips, so that made it all better!

orange sugar

the orange was very nice and i would've preferred even more citrus flavor. i do love how dorie makes you moisten the sugar with the zest. i've never read that technique before, in fact i used to *skip* (gasp!) the "add zest" part of any recipe because i thought it was gross. i know, how juvenile! and now? well, now i am a bonafide zest convert and i love how the scent of a little zested sugar makes my whole day feel happy again!

but back to your regular programming ... to catch more peanut butter tortes than you could possibly have imagined your tongue getting stuck to the top of your mouth with, check out the rest of the wonderful twd bakers!

update: i'm submitting the top photo for this month's snackshot #3 the the "muffin" theme, hosted by michelle at the greedy gourmet. the deadline is today; how perfect! for more info, please click on photo badge below.


orange strawberry muffin



  1. Those muffins look gorgeous! A great combination! Yummy!



  2. I want a strong cup of black coffee and a couple of these.... the muffins look divine...

  3. I should have gone your route this week. The PB torte was too rich for my taste, but these muffins look perfect...just right for May!

  4. Oh wow... these look exactly like what I need with my coffee this morning. Do you ship? :-)
    Ann at Redacted Recipes

  5. I saw the other TWD creations. This is 180 degrees from that! So light and delicate! I love the shot of the sugar... I can smell it from over here. Yum!

  6. Your muffins look yummy, and I love the fruit pictures, too. One of these days I'm going to make the early recipes that I missed.

  7. this is a recipe that was made before i joined TWD, but i made afterwards, too. yummy--and yours look extra-good with strawberries!

  8. Orange strawberry muffins sounds like a wonderful idea for a TWD sub. I will have to play that card myself some week.

  9. Orange strawberry is one of my favorite combinations - genius to put them in these muffins. I've made the blueberry version a couple of times now and we all love them. Your combo looks lovely!

  10. I bet its a burst of flavor with every bite! Looks awesome!

  11. that is just beautiful. the insides of the muffin is well pretty! all that colour with the bits of fruit. x

  12. I love Dorie's zest method, I use it with everything now! Those are awesome muffins, I've made them quite a few times!

  13. yummy looking...i laughed at the 'do not adjust' because i was thinking huh am i on the right post?? these were probably WAY healthier than the torte...!!!

  14. Fabulous photos!
    And I don't ever want to hear that you skipped adding zest to a recipe again!!