you can call me a dreamer

but i can' t help it.

although i am more than happy at the thought of a woman for president (wow, i remember how ecstatic i was when ms. albright became SoS) and i do truly like my senator (voted for her twice), i am just not 100% thrilled about her. yes, i know posturing is par for the course in politics. and of course, mr. gore seems like a saint now because of the very fact he doesn't have to posture anymore. but i just can't get over the feeling that mrs. clinton gives me. i am not inspired by her (lack of) passion and conviction. however, i am impressed by her intelligence, hard work, due diligence, unflappability, and keen ability to maneuver through anything.

but honestly, in the end, does passion and conviction make a president? i mean, who am i kidding? mr. bush has passion about certain things ... and well, look at where we're at now.

mrs. clinton will obviously win my state primary, so a write-in for mr. gore won't make me feel naderized guilt. and until it is for certain that mr. gore is going to ride off into the nobel prize sunset, i will keep on dreaming ...

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