dear diary

am i reverting to a pre-teen version of myself on the web? i always thought blogging was self-indulgence in html form. but i am absolutely enamored with my shiny new imac, and find myself on this beautiful machine more and more.

so here i am. and hopefully i will bore you to beautiful tears with all my random postings.

i have no idea what i will write about, although these are the things lately on my mind (in no particular order)...

1. how to motivate myself at work
2. where to travel next summer
3. who to vote for in the primaries (al gore are you listening?)
4. be happy with my unhappy schooling
5. to procreate or to wait another year
6. what kind of new job post-graduation
7. expanding my social circle
8. swim more, eat less
9. learn french once and for all

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