monday rants

so what else are mondays good for besides some old fashioned rants? i've got two!

1. why the heck can't firefox work nicely on my mac? it's either crashing with the spinning beach ball of death. or it's freezing, and none of the links or bookmarks work. click, nothing! i really much prefer it to safari, but i'm left with no choice more often than not. and why oh why does firefox not allow page setup configration in mac?? ugh! it's the simple things in computer life that make my happy world go 'round.

2. on a more serious note, why is A such a bitch? she has the nerve (the weakness?) to yell at us and say we lied about a death in the family so that we wouldn't have to go see her. yes, let me write that again ... she called us assholes and said we lied about a death in the family. what the frick? is she that unbelievably cold, selfish, and mean? i could take the high road and say whatever. but not when it involves my family. i let her have it! and i hope she suffers. cuz she deserves it!

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