will it happen??

i confess, it is true. i (somewhat) believe in astrology and horoscopes. i truly fit my virgoan stereotype to a T. and sometimes the monthly/daily predictions are right. but i don't go all nancy reagan on making decisions. it's just interesting.

but the problem with reading my horoscope is that i get all expectant. like ooh, it says i will have a romantic night next week, can't wait! oooh, it says i might get into a fight with family, watch out!

so susan miller says:

Your career is about to bring excellent news. At the full moon November 24, due over the American holiday weekend of Thanksgiving, you will have a full moon that will put your name in lights.Or, you may hear news on Monday, November 26, a time when Venus and Neptune will be so congenial - artistic expressions should bring profit. My bet is that you will hear fabulous career news on Monday, November 26. See what happens!
and here it is, november 26 and nothing has happened yet.

but i am still hoping!

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