so i am totally inspired for some menu planning!! i don't want this whole blog to be about my so called life travails :)

i was always thinking about being more consistent with eating at home. here in the city it is much too easy to go out for dinner. i already eat every lunch out. so sometimes a week would go by with, literally, only two or three home-cooked meals. not only is that expensive, but it also gets boring ... and let's not forget, it's enemy #1 for the big butt i'm growing!

first i was inspired by $40 a week, which seems like a crazy small amount to spend on food. that's about two take-out dinners. maybe three home-cooked dinners. but maybe with some good meal planning this could possibly work???

then i googled around and found this veggie planning website. some of the recipes sound really good but i like the website more for its ideas about meal planning.

so now i'm on a mission.

i'll plan my breakfasts and lunches, and although they will probably remain store-bought, i'm going to try to be more conscious and informed about my decisions. i'll plan my dinners for 6 nights a week. wow! that's a lot! okay, let's make it 5 dinners a week. i don't want to make my goal so lofty i can't reach it. baby steps!

here is what i have so far ...
tonight: lobster ravioli with some sort of sauce / sauteed mustard greens on side
tomorrow night: leek and carrot risotto / steamed asparagus with lemon
friday night: dinner out

well ... it doesn't look impressive but it's a start!

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