twd: arborio rice pudding

arborio rice pudding

one of my weaknesses in the last grocery aisle of fairway is the stacks of kozyshack. i'm such a sucker, for both the vanilla rice pudding and the regular chocolate pudding. it doesn't last long once it gets back to our fridge

so when isabelle from les gourmandises d'isa picked dorie's arborio rice pudding for this week i was pretty excited to try it out. there was a bit of a typo that the miss dorie herself pointed out to us on the twd blog but then i overcompensated too much and ended up with a pudding that was more like a mushy brick of rice. whoops! but it still tasted pretty great. i'm tempted to see how it might come out with rice milk instead, since i don't buy cow milk on a regular basis at all.

as always, please visit the other members and check out their much more creative rice puddings! for the recipe, click here.


  1. I'm all about Kozy Shack too! But now I can make it at home and that so rocks! Mine was a little thicker than needed...and I might try soy milk next time too!

  2. you might be the only one who had a too thick problem. Oh well, looks delicious!

  3. an experiment with rice milk is a great idea--bet it would work wonderfully! i don't think i've ever had kozyshack...fairway provides me with many other weaknesses, tho.

  4. I think mine got a little too thick too so I know how you feel. For a recipe with so few ingredients it proved tricky!