comfort food: pierogi

pierogis with kielbasa and roasted brussels

sorry, no tuesdays with dorie here. vibi from la casserole carrée choose the "two-fer" pumpkin slash pecan pie, but i already have got my pies to bake for thanksgiving, and i just can't bear to do another one!

but this weekend i did make pierogis. i can't remember when i first ate a pillowy puff of potato, but evidently i was polish in a past life because i love them!! they're like a comfort food for me. when i was younger i used to eat a plate of them with caramelized onions for dinner.

so when we finally decided to use up the kielbasa we bought from the farmer's market, i got the brilliant idea of making my own pierogis!!

ready to boil

yes, it's true i like martha's recipes, but i figured her mother would know a thing or two about making pierogis. unfortunately i was going between the online and magazine recipe, and halving both and i wasn't as organized as i should have been. it was an afternoon of oops, that was supposed to be 1.5 cups of flour! and an oops, i forgot to salt and pepper the potato mix! and shit my countertop next to the oven is hot and my dough is now sticking!

do you ever having baking days like that???

homemade pierogis

but the end result was some delicious pierogi. never doubt that something as simple as potato stuffed dumplings can taste amazingly better homemade than store bought! i think there was a little bit of that delicious taste called "pride" in each bite too ... i couldn't believe i made these babies by hand!!

for the online recipe - and a great video of martha and mum - click here.


  1. Are you sure these are called pierogi and not pelmeni? Looks delicious though. You did a great job!

  2. I've only had the frozen version of pierogi...I may have to try my hand at making them now. Yours look delicious! And, yes...I've had baking days like that! :)

  3. i have made this same recipe many times (also figuring that martha's mum must know pierogis). so good, and makes a ton to freeze for later. yours look great, and so do the sprouts!!

  4. Yum! These look great, like something that once you start eating you won't be able to stop! And I always have baking days like that!

  5. I love fresh pierogi but the only time I bother with them is for Christmas. Yours look wonderful!