a try at snickerdoodles


i have to admit that i've never heard of snickerdoodles before i started blogging. AND i thought they had something to do with snickers, yummy! so i was just a tad bit disappointed when i learned that was just false advertising - and in reality they were just basically a sugar cinnamon cookie. where's the snickery peanuts and chocolate and caramel??!!

stack of snickerdoodles

but so many people wrote so many wonderful things about them, so i've wanted to try making them ever since. last week i did, but i was rushing out and did not watch them carefully. they ended up slightly overcooked and deflated to a crunchy cookie. so the verdict is out on whether i like these or not, i'll just have to bake another batch more carefully!

i used the recipe from fine cooking's special cookie issue, but you can find the recipe online here.


  1. Wait...are you telling me that snickerdoodles have nothing to do with Snickers? No peanuts? no caramel? No nougat?

    Well then I guess I have never in my life had a snickerdoodle.

  2. i know, it's a cruel world, this world of baking!!

  3. Oh, keep trying snickerdoodles! They are my favorite! Although you say you cooked them a little longer, they look fantastic! I like Martha Stewart's recipe in her Cookie book.

  4. snickerdoodles are not only my favorite cookie, they are totally addicting! keep trying...the perfect snickerdoodle is crazy soft and perfectly spiced. total bliss!

  5. cookies look great, keep up the good work mimi

  6. This looks really good and simple! Great with tea