just what i needed

some of you may have already seen the new york times article (or maybe even better yet, and you've known about matt since 2005). i actuallly saw that article on the "most popular" links for a few days and with the title i was like whatever.

but now i'm so fortunate that jen over at use real butter posted about it.

after all that i've been thinking about, and all that doubt, and all that i've been struggling with recently ... this video was exactly what i needed.

maybe it will be for you too.

if you want to watch a clearer version, click here and
make sure to click on the link for "watch in high quality" (right below the "views" number)

for more info about matt, click here.

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  1. Anonymous10/7/08 23:43

    I have never seen this before. What a great clip! Fun and meaningful at the same time! Thanks for sharing!