the best savory galette, ever

leek and goat cheese galette

i implore you to make this galette.

it is one of the best things i have made, ever. okay sure, my home made repertoire is pretty darn small, so i guess that isn't saying much! hehe. but really, this is one of the best things i have ever eaten at home.

galette close-up

i know what you're thinking ... mimi, how can something simple be so delish? yes, surely you think i'm exaggerating. but please, make this galette and just try, just try!, to tell me that it isn't also one of the best dinners you've ever made.

leek and goat cheese galette: serves 6
from deborah madison's vegetarian cooking for everyone (1997, p. 498)

galette dough (p. 696)
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tb sugar
12 tb cold butter, cut into small pieces
1/3 - 1/2 cup ice water, as needed

1. mix flour, salt, and sugar together in bowl. cut in butter, leaving some pea size chunks. sprinkle with ice water by the tablespoon and mix with flour mixture until you can bring dough together. (you can also use a mixer or food processor if you like.) press into disk and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

2. roll out disk on lightly floured counter about 1/8" thick. you can either make one large galette or six small ones. i'd suggest the small ones because with the filling, it becomes a bit unwieldy. and for dinner, it's nice to serve individual size galettes. either way, roll it out to a circle of your size, and no it doesn't have to be a perfect circle, that's the beauty of the galette.

with herbed goat cheese

for the filling:
6 large leeks, including inch of green
3 tb butter
1 tsp chopped thyme
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup crème fraîche
salt + pepper
1 egg, beaten
3 tb chopped parsley
4 oz (herbed) goat cheese, less or more to taste

1. preheat oven to 400F. thinly slice and wash the leeks. you should have about 6 cups.

2. melt butter in medium skillet. add leeks, thyme, and 1/2 cup water. stew over medium heat, stirring frequently, until leeks are tender, about 12 minutes. add wine and continue cooking until reduced; then add the crème and cook until it coats the leeks and little liquid remains. season with salt and plenty of pepper. let cool 10 minutes then stir in all but 1 tb of the beaten egg and 2 tb of the parsley.

3. spread leek mixture on top of rolled galette dough, leaving a 2 inch border around the edge. crumble the goat cheese on top, then fold the dough over the filling (fold it over a little or a lot, up to you). brush with reserved egg and bake until crust is browned, 25-30 minutes. garnish with remaining parsley. bon appétit!

perfect dinner

galette slice


  1. that looks so amazing! her book is one of my favorites... everything i've made from it is great, so i should try this ,too!

  2. Mimi, this looks fabulous! I don't have that cookbook yet, but seeing this galette is a definite motivator!

  3. Mimi, I have never made a galette (of any kind), and would love to try this one!

  4. Sometimes the simple recipes are the best ones! This sounds amazing!

  5. Leeks and goat cheese in a savoury galette? I bet this was TASTY!

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  7. Mimi

    I was thinking about trying a galette for sometime. After seeing your post I got completely hooked to it!! I have made this with Indian curry filling. Please drop in to my space and have a look :-)


  8. I just made this. Of course had to modify based on available ingreds. Store only had plain goat cheese amd mo creme fraiche -I live in a rural area :( - so I used some plain greek yogurt, some herbed Philadelphia cooking creme, and the plain goat cheese. It just came out of the oven, looks great, can't wait to eat!