"hamburger" pizza

"hamburger" tomato pizza

before i start posting some of my newest baking and cooking adventures, i want to try to get rid of a backlog of older photos from previous forays. here's the first installation.

i am a sucker for pizza. i love pizza. it's my all-time comfort food. so when i saw a recipe for hamburger pizza in may's issue of everyday food, i knew i just had to try it!

there's nothing really all that complicated about making your own pizza at home. even less so if you take the really quicky route and pick up some dough from your local pizza joint. but nothing beats the fresh taste, the endless variations, and lip smacking goodness.

so i implore you, especially if you live outside of new york city (oh please, don't give me no nasty chicago deep dish or tacky california wolfgang puck style!) - make your own pizza! if you really need more validation, from a source that is more respectable than my endless babble, then read smitten kitchen's ode to painless pizza.

have a slice

we were lucky that week to have some leftover marinara sauce with our usual smart ground "beef". the rest of the ingredients were just red onion, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. easy, peasy! for the original recipe, click here.

easy dinner


  1. We are huge fans of making our own pizza, and this one looks ooey and gooey enough to dig right into. Pizza, a nice salad and a good glass of cabernet? I'm in!

  2. That pizza looks delicious!

  3. Sheer torture...can I have that slice & QUICK please!! Planning to make pizza for lunch tomorrow...couldnt have read your post at a better time. I agree about home-made pizza...WAY TO GO Mimi!!