mushroom ricotta tart

i know that almost any recipe can be tweaked and altered, but i especially love those dishes which have endless variations ... such as risotto, or vegetable stews. another new found favorite are savory tarts. almost anything can be combined to go on these light sheets of puff pastry.

last time we did
asparagus and gruyère by the book. i can't wait for summer's fruits and vegetables for tomato tarts, zucchini and squash tart, caramelized onion with fresh herbs. i can't wait, too, until i am a little more experienced and can make my own puff pastry.

last week we were inspired by the mushroom tart described by martha, but used up leftover ricotta mix instead of the goat cheese. i think the photos speak for themselves ... delicious!! :)

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  1. oh man... it's lunch time now and let me tell you, that looks fabulous!