classic banana bread

last week at fairway ...

mr. mimi: (as he walks down the aisle) do you want any bananas?

mimi: no, i'm not really in the mood. (yes, there are moods for produce)

mr. mimi: i'm gonna get some bananas. (and he picks up a couple)

mimi: (yelling down the aisle) yeah well you better eat them! i don't want to see any rotten bananas!!


so here i was again, with some brown bananas. not rotten, but definitely not enticing (this photo shows their good side; the backs were bah-rown!) i'm sure there are many different options for softy bananas, but i was still wanting a classic banana bread, something a little more true to my memory than what i made before. i googled around the usual suspects, but everything sounded much more complicated than what i wanted, with rum, or coconut, or this and that. i knew that what i was looking for was just simple bread - flour, sugar, leavening, maybe some cinnamon - and mushy (not puréed) bananas.

and here you have it! next time i would probably even leave the bananas mashed up a little more rough. it was delish, and even better the second day ... and third and fourth :)

this whole brown bananas = some baked yumminess is the start of a beautiful relationship!

for the recipe, click here.


  1. This looks like a perfect banana bread!

  2. I like to freeze mine for when I'm actually in the mood. My favorite use is this lovely banana cake from cooking light that I make monthly. It's sooooooo good.

  3. thanks deborah and chou! it was so tasty! hopefully i never get to the point where i have to actually freeze brown bananas! :)