welcome to martha mondays!

hello out there in blog world. after i heard about the amazing group tuesdays with dorie, i thought it was such a great idea.

but the book i'd really love to pour through and bake to my heart's delight is martha's baking handbook. i've made a couple of things, and everything has always been fail-proof, there isn't one thing in there that i wouldn't love to bake!

and from your comments and emails, it is true - there are others out there, secretly (or not) loving the martha! this would be a bi-weekly event to start out with (unless you're all jonesing for more!) and all of us would post the same goodie on the specified monday.

thanks to the suggestion of columbus foodie, it won't all be baked goods every time. and sometimes it will be a specific recipe, other times it will be a suggested ingredient or magazine issue. and it won't be a member "group" but we'll see what happens with hopefully more and more people joining us!

update: the first bake will be her coconut-pecan-caramel sandwich cookies, on page 114. if you don't have the book, i'll be getting the recipe up in a couple of days.

second update: martha thankfully has the recipe on her website. there are minor differences to the one listed in the book: 1/4 cup coconut (all other ingredients the same) and for the filling 1 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup cream, and 4 tb butter. the methods all read basically the same. in the photo she has cookie shapes with circle cut-outs. i'd love to see other shapes too!

click here for the link to the online recipe.

everyone will post on the same day, monday 14 april.
all i ask is that you share the word and have fun! :)

oh yeah, and email me your name, name of blog, and permalink for martha monday post and i will do a modified round-up of everyone who participated! send email to mimikatzchen {at} gmail {dot} com with "martha monday" in the subject line.


  1. Ohhhhhh, that sounds fun! I'd definitely be interested in Martha Mondays. That would be ... dare I say it?


  2. I'd be up for Martha Mondays... and bi-weekly sounds like a brilliant idea. I haven't joined the Dorie group because I just don't think I can keep up that sort of baking pace!

  3. Sounds interesting, but I'd be more interested if it was based on Martha Stewart recipes, but not necessarily always baking - I'm currently doing Tuesdays with Dorie and the Daring Bakers and I feel like I'm always baking *something*. But definitely if participating all the time wasn't mandatory.

  4. OOOHH, this sounds really fun! I don't have this book, but I have been eye balling it for a while. I would so love to be in on this.

  5. wow. since i joined twd i was actually thinking a group with the same name!!!! i am definitely interested.

  6. for anyone who doesnt have the book the recipe is on the martha stewart website. the only difference i see is that the caramel recipe on the web is cut in 1/2.

  7. thanks for the tip! i will update the entry with the link to her website.

  8. OH OH OH! I just bought this book today at the used book store (without seeing your post!). Hello good fortune!!

  9. I've always been an Martha lover -- her recipes in general (not just baked goods) are excellent. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. This sounds like fun. I don't have the baking handbook although I am a huge fan of Martha!