random weekend musings

this weekend was especially fruitful, even if it had very little cooking or baking to show for it ...

1. cut my hair short again. sigh, i guess long hair is just not for me anymore. i had been growing it out (again) and i had been doubting whether i really liked it this way. and then a couple of days ago, amidst a chat with colleagues at work, one of them mentioned that when i had my hair cut short and spiky i looked FIERCE. you know, fierce in a christian from project runway kind of way. ever since then, i was like, i am still young enough to be fierce, so chop it off and spike it up! however, as mr. mimi will sadly let you know, i have a terrible problem with salons. this is how it goes: i try out a new salon, get my hair cut, hate it and then the next day i try another salon. without fail, that's how it goes, and this weekend was no different. first stylist didn't want to cut it short. she had good skills and gave me a nice haircut but it wasn't ME and it didn't feel right. so the next day i go to a local salon and get exactly what i was looking for. even if it isn't necessarily the most technically flattering of cuts to my cheery round face, it's matches exactly how i feel and how i want to express myself ... which, in a way, becomes the most flattering look of all.

2. finally saw juno too. one really terrific line ... juno: "you're the coolest person i ever met and you don't even try" ... paulie: "well, actually, i try really hard". everyone talks about how great this movie is. but i found it annoying and certainly less than great. sure, there were funny lines. but the dialogue was so forced and fake. people do not talk like that in real life! maybe one person, but every person? i felt like i was watching that other horrible every-line-must-impress-with-brilliant-wit phenomenon aka, gilmore girls, but times ten. but not all was lost. i did come out downloading "anybody else but you" and i did learn that i shouldn't really watch movies with adoption as a theme; it hits me too hard, and in ways i never thought it would.

3. i woke up early saturday morning and started browsing online for new clothes. not because i actually need anything new, but just because i was bored and wanted something new. then the little good angel whispered in my ear that i should be saving for south africa this summer instead of buying yet another a-line skirt. sure, it's not like i even spend that much on clothing; i don't indulge at bergdorf, i am more a simple banana republic or ann taylor type girl. but i figure five months of not buying new clothes would save me probably, at the very least, five hundred bucks. and then the even brighter idea came along, to go with my must be healthy again kick, was that i won't buy a new piece of clothing until i am one damn size smaller!! but we'll see if that happens. i'm a sucker for online shopping :)

4. i started my tennis lessons on sunday. awesome, loved it. and since it was only two of us on the court, it was basically a private lesson for 1.5 hours. before we left (ray took his lessons too) i pondered whether i would get a good cardio workout from the lesson, considering that i'm only beginner. well, bad shots or not, i felt like i got a better workout from tennis than i did in my kickbox class. let's keep this on a roll!

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