little (unwanted) haitus

waiting for spring ... and for me to feel better
sorry for the little hiatus here at chez mimi on the move. i've had the ill-luck to become sick, yet again. i honestly don't know what is wrong with me, it makes me want to cry. since december: i get sick, i feel better, i get sick again. i'm not doing anything differently, i'm not out late in the wee hours. i'm not stressed at all. i'm trying to eat more veggies and fruit. zinc drops and citrus. but i'm still getting sick. and my skin looks horrible! another tell-tale sign that i'm not at my 100 percent. something is off inside of me and i'm not sure what. maybe i just need a good old fashioned diet cleanse.

i hope to be baking away by next week, but in the meantime, here are just some random thoughts while i nurse myself back to health ...

1. debate was good. however, if i hear one more time from anderson cooper that obama voted against the war i'll poke my eyes out. it's repeated over and over on the airwaves, and in the blogs. obama was not in the senate and thus there is no vote to speak of. and while it is true, he made an anti-war speech at a rally in 2002, it's easy to have an opinion about something when that opinion doesn't matter. i'm not saying he wouldn't have voted no. i'm just saying it's easy for anyone to say he was against the war and he would have voted no when he didn't have to vote at all!! yes, of course i'm pissed that clinton voted for that resolution. but i get even more pissed when people say that obama voted no!

2. i was desperately wanting to make new york's finest black and white cookies to support the homeboys win on sunday. but who wants to eat cookies from someone who blows their nose every five minutes?? wahhh! i hope this isn't a jinx!

3. i'm trying to decide what to do this summer, for my month off. i'm debating between studying french in antibes, travel to south africa to see the big five, or travel to thailand and cambodia to eat amazing street food and see ankgor wat. your thoughts and opinions are welcome!

and most importantly ...

4. vote for me!! my little mediterranean pizza is officially in the hay hay it's donna day round-up and i would love to win! there is some mighty fine competition out there and i'm not trying to peer pressure you or anything, but hey, you do like me right? so vote for me by sending an email to eighty_breakfasts (at) yahoo (dot) com and vote for mimi on the move!!


  1. RE 1: I think it's fair for Clinton to say "I did the best with the information I had at the time"--it's honest and no matter what we think now she deserves accolades for saying it. My Republican bones are having a hard time deciding which Democrat to vote for, though.

    RE 3: Um, can you do all of them? Because they ALL sound fun.

    Get better!!!

  2. chou: ahh, the beauty of blogging, where republicans and democrats can get along together :) tuesday should be interesting for both of us!

    and someday, eventually, i will do all the traveling i'd like to. this summer will probably be the last one in a long time though, so i want to make sure it's good!