twd: buttery jam cookies

buttery jam cookies

there's so much more i wish i could be cooking and baking and blogging about. but big changes are happening (even some that nobody knows about - but NO!! i am not preggers, so don't even ask!) so time is of the essence for me right now and i only squeeze in what i can.

but i'm glad i snuck in some time for a tuesdays with dorie cookie this week. we have been graciously allowed to skip around weeks this month, and technically this isn't due until next tuesday.

i made the recipe as written, but with cherry preserves. when these came out the oven i was totally underwhelmed and thought well that was a waste of butter. i mean look at the photo! no amount of photoshopping could make these actually look good!

but then i tried them with a cup of tea and wow, i was totally and pleasantly surprised by how good these are! they are like a scone but lighter, and like a biscuit but crispier. it's hard to describe - but soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. thank goodness i gave some away because by the next day i had eaten the rest.

and speaking of the next day, you know how almost all baking recipes warn "best eaten day made" or whatnots. like we all have time to bake the day of anything?! but these truly are best eaten the day they are made. i kept them overnight in air-tight box, and they were still yummy today (i still ate them all didn't i?) but they definitely lost some of the crispy.

to get the recipe, please check back to heather's blog, randomosity and the girl next tuesday!


  1. sometimes cookies aren't that photogenic, are they? looking forward to making these next week...great job!

  2. yea, i am totally running out of cookie photo ideas! yours look very tasty, glad you enjoyed them. i'm looking forward to trying these:)

  3. i know, i mean, how many stacked cookie piles can you take a photo of?! ;-)

    i guess i know why dorie doesn't include a photo for these cookies though!

  4. Anonymous9/12/08 18:22

    oh! after seeing your pix and reading your post, i am so excited to make these now! love your description of the texture...looking forward to trying them myself next week. lovely cookies.

  5. I made these too - with mango jam. I completely agree w you about the photo...I finally threw some powdered sugar on them to make them a bit more interesting to look at! :)

  6. I think your cookies look fantastic! I'm glad that you gave them a second chance! I'm very curious to make these next week...

  7. Mimi, those cookies were really delicious. For the first time, I ate more that my hubby. Thanks for sharing it to us!

  8. We loved these cookies in our home also! :)